About Us - Mission Statement

Founded in March 2010

We maintain that theatre provides one of the greatest opportunities for interpersonal and communal dialogue and growth. Based on this premise, we seek:

I   To provide the New York community with theatre that is intellectually and emotionally rewarding, and is relevant to our audience. We hold that live performances must be both vital and honest. We seek to touch our participants at the deepest level. The work we produce must be organic, highly visual, and must elicit a strong emotional and intellectual response from our audience.

II   To expand the boundaries of theatre as an art form, and embrace the unconventional. We believe that a great company should be a champion of innovation and change. In order to achieve this, we will continue probing for new ways of expression.

III   To draw upon poetry, prose, and other forms of literature as sources for theatre. We search for material that will inspire, stimulate, and affect. Telling tales in an imaginative manner is the hallmark of our methodology.

IV   To build and nurture a nucleus of artists who celebrate a unified artistic vision. We seek to develop a theatre company that upholds the highest level of artistic excellence, as we look to discover a common language and approach to live performance.

V   To challenge our audience to become active participants in a mutual voyage of discovery. Our primary goal is to share our passion and love for the theatre with our audience, as we confront the human condition in today‚Äôs world.