Wednesday Repertory Company Presents

A Gathering Of Unusual Proportions

An Original Showcase

Thursday, Jan 21st — Sunday, Jan 31st

John Kiely, Robert Rhode directing. "Your Mother Should Know"
A visit from mom turns a May-September romance on its head.

Bruce Ornstein, Bruce Ornstein directing. "Reunion"
An unexpected event brings together a man and a long lost friend.

Theo Dunoyer, Arthur Lasky directing. "Room Service"
Their one-of-a-kind anniversary celebration in a hotel room embarks a young couple on a passionate trip through time.

Elaine Davis, "The Way Home"
Life. Family. It's a crapshoot.

Naya James, Andrea Warriner directing. "Meatier, Right?"
It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fi... wait, what was that?

Kristy Cloetingh, Trenton Clark directing. "Perfect" Sometimes the hardest decision is choosing yourself.

Shane Tunney, Lu Bellini directing. "Freud Would Be Proud"
Double-booked for the same therapy slot, two couples get the best counseling from the worst source...