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Annelise Rains grew up with her mother's insistence that she was, "a little actress." After all, her grandfather was a Broadway actor in the thirties. Years later, with her mother's words deeply embedded in her psyche: she began thinking. She was working in a hospital as a nurse's aide, thinking of nursing school, when it hit her, "I am an actress and I got to get the heck out of Charlottesville Virginia." She then threw herself full force into acting and improv classes, while obsessively reading "On Method Acting" by Edward Dwight Easty in between helping patients to the bathroom. With her grandfather's spirit to fuel her fire, she got a third job, already working a second part- time weekend gig, saved up money, found her cat a nice new home in the country, and took a one way to the Big Apple. Since arriving several years ago she has appeared in various productions, including her favorite, The Vagina Monologues, and continued her studies with Bruce Ornstein.