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As a Bangladeshi growing up in the South Bronx, Anwar had an interesting upbringing. He grew up speaking and has played roles in Spanish, Arabic, Hindi and Bengali. His neighborhood demanded Spanish and different English, a kind of performance, while high school and home required other languages and character performances. So he jumped into acting by immediately starring in Christopher Shinn's "The Coming World" and Pinter's "Driver". He then slid into the role of Dolan in "Line", which launched over a dozen productions he has acted in, including Othello and Prince of Morocco in "The Merchant of Venice" with the Queens Shakespeare Company, and Pharaoh Akhenaten in "Ankhst", a triumph within the Egyptologist community. From comedic roles such as Gobbo from "The Merchant of Venice" on stage to playing a misunderstood Arab American in the dramatic film "To Believe", WedRepCo has been monumental in shaping his craft and young career.