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When Mike was a little whippersnapper, if you asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up, he’d give you a different answer every day. Inevitably, this led him to the world of Theatre and Film where he can enjoy delving into different roles continually. Growing up in Philadelphia, Mike went on to become a full-time graphic artist after college only to find out that his true passion was in acting all along.

Mike currently resides in NYC while studying with Bruce Ornstein, and can be seen in Spike Lee’s “The Girl is in Trouble” which will hit theaters this year. He can also be found on your tube in dozens of commercials such as Captain Morgan, Keurig Coffee, and even going global with a CitroËn automobile spot.

He feels completely blessed and indebted for the opportunity to be a founding member of the Wednesday Repertory Company. For more info, visit or follow him on Twitter @TheMikeIvers